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The end of the fourth week is here!


Day 13: Eating Icecream - Prompt by me

Sephiroth always had ice-cream in the his freezer. Cloud first noticed the first night he slept over, when after they made love Sephiroth brought him a bowl of chocolate ice-cream while they snuggled in bed together. From then on, Cloud couldn’t help but be aware of the sweet treat popping up more and more often in his life.

It wasn’t until he moved in with Sephiroth and opened the freezer just to check how much space it had that he realized why the man always seemed to have any sort of ice cream Cloud might want on hand.

It was filled with ice cream. Filled with it. There weren’t any frozen dinners or frozen vegetables, or even an ice cube tray. There were just lines and lines and lines of ice cream of every kind. Cloud stared into the freezer, shellshocked, until he heard Sephiroth clear his throat softly behind him.

"I wasn’t allowed sweets when I was young," Sephiroth said, glancing to the side, "So I keep some around."

"This is a little more than ‘some,’ don’t you think?" Cloud asked, raising an eyebrow.

"What kind I like…Depends on the day." Sephiroth murmured. "I’ll make you a proper one, if you’d like. The sort they have in Wutai…With fruit and chocolate and layers of mochi and…" he trailed off, staring into the distance as though envisioning a future with the kind of ice-cream he dreamed of.

It had taken all of Cloud’s strength not to burst out laughing. Instead he’d smiled and closed the refrigerator. “For a special occasion,” he said. “I’m not a super soldier, after all. I have to watch my figure at least a little.”

Special occasions came and went.

"Now?" Sephiroth asked after Cloud was promoted.

"Just some strawberry," Cloud laughed. "Between you and Zack I’m getting spoiled rotten."

"Now?" Sephiroth asked, brandishing an ice cream scoop like a blade after Cloud recovered from his first mission.

"I’ll take some chocolate," Cloud yawned, "but I’m too tired to appreciate the really good stuff."

"Now?" Sephiroth asked when Cloud received the news of his test date for second-class.

Cloud hadn’t even answered. He’d been too busy staring at the paperwork in shock, and eventually Sephiroth had given up on doing anything more than laughing softly and hugging him while he tried to process the news.

Then they got the news from medical. This time it was Sephiroth’s turn to stare at the paperwork. Cloud sat across from him in the living room, his hands crossed over his stomach and his expression worried. Sephiroth didn’t say anything. He just sat there, thinking.

"Seph," Cloud whispered. "I’ll take that fancy ice cream now."

Sephiroth lifted his head, and life sparked in his eyes. His smirk was delighted and filled with anticipation for the approaching challenge. Cloud didn’t even see him move, he was so fast on his way to the kitchen. By the time he worked himself up to standing and following, Sephiroth was already a blur of motion. Cloud leaned against the wall, watching him slice kiwis and strawberries, cut up bananas, and pull out a perfect selection of ice creams. It was like watching an artist at work.

When he lifted down the tall glass, that appeared to have been made specifically for the purpose of holding ice cream, Cloud gawked at the size of it.

"Um, you’re going to help me eat all that, right?" He asked as Sephiroth set to work lining the inside of the glass with fruits.

"If you like." Sephiroth said offhandedly.

When he was presented with the towering glass of ice cream, with chocolate freshly ladled on top, Cloud stared at it wide-eyed. He lifted his hands slowly to take it from Sephiroth’s outstretched arm, stunned by the skill and complexity. It looked incredible, peaking over the edges of the glass in sculpted perfection. His mouth watered at the very sight of it. Cloud couldn’t help the soft sigh of pleasure he gave. It was a masterpiece.

"I should have said yes ages ago," he murmured, lifting the treat from Sephiroth’s outstretched hand. It was wonderfully heavy.

"So long as you enjoy it now," Sephiroth waved a hand, already cleaning up the rinds and skins he’d peeled, but his eyes fixed on Cloud. "Go ahead."

The first bite was pure bliss. Cloud closed his eyes lightly and hummed softly in pleasure. He sank into a seat, savoring the sweet taste.

"It’s wonderful." He sighed softly.

"Good," Sephiroth said with a nod. "I’ll be sure to keep the ingredients stocked."

"You’ve kept the ingredients stocked for years," Cloud teased softly.

He offered the glass to Sephiroth when he walked over to join him where he was seated, and smiled as his lover took a bite, his eyes instantly lowering until they were half-lidded with relaxation. He sighed out a long breath.

"Seph," Cloud whispered softly. "We’re having a baby."

"I know," Sephiroth murmured, setting aside his ice cream to draw Cloud into a slow, sweet kiss. "I know."


Day 10 - With animal ears - Prompt by boomchickfanfiction<3<3<3

'Just a few minutes,' Zack had said, fighting admirably to restrain his delight and amusement. 'I'm sure the science guys will figure out what went wrong in no time.'

‘No time’ had stretched into solid minutes. Sephiroth clenched his teeth, pulling his lips back in a snarl. He almost caught the inside of his lip on one of the fangs that had sprouted painfully to life along with the damnable ears and tail. The very thought of the later made it lash angrily behind him. He could see its white and black stripes out of his peripheral vision.

Cloud stood nearby, still clad in his new third-class uniform, watching Sephiroth’s every movement with intense blue eyes. His ears were perked forward, sharply pointed at the top unlike Sephiroth’s rounded additions. The startlingly fluffy tail behind him was dead still, stiff but lowered. Sephiroth could hear him growling under his breath, and every now and then he caught a glimpse of Cloud’s own fangs when he snarled at the world in general.

Sephiroth turned back and paced the other way. He drummed his sharp claws against the insides of his palms, forcing himself not to clench his fist and draw blood. If he could have talked, it would have been at least a little less atrocious. But the only sound that would escape him in his altered state were yowls of annoyance and, at least once, a hiss when a scientist reached too close, trying to touch his ears.

Judging by the way Cloud had barked sharply at Zack in offense when their friend showed up to collect them and burst out laughing, Sephiroth had surmised that the Third was in the same boat.

Sephiroth pinned his ears back, and heard the angry sound of a furious tiger rising out of his throat in response. Cloud’s growling increased in agitated response. Sephiroth turned to pace back the other way, trying to ignore the odd, unwelcome sensation of the tail that emerged just above the waistband of his pants lashing around. At least it was less uncomfortable now than it had been when he had still been wearing his coat.

A most undignified yowling sound rose from his lips, and he cut it off sharply, clenching his teeth against the sound. Movement drew his anxious eyes, and he straightened out of his defensive crouch, looking to Cloud as the serious-faced young Soldier walked forward. Sephiroth lifted his head, staring down the young man. The part of him that was a big cat and not his usual self growled a warning that the young wolf-eared man not come nearer.

Cloud tucked his chin at the sound that escaped Sephiroth, but walked forward none the less, his ears still perked politely. His hand lifted to rest lightly on Sephiroth’s chest, pressing his palm against the bare skin there, careful not to scratch him with his long nails. He pushed, and Sephiroth wasn’t ready for him to be as strong as he was—he’d always known Cloud would make it into the Soldier program, but he still wasn’t used to his new-found power. He stumbled back into the table behind him, ending up half-seated upon it.

The young Third walked further forward, keeping Sephiroth pinned with his very presence. The low warning grumble in his throat had settled and quieted. Sephiroth stood stock still, warring between his love of Cloud and the cat yowling inside of him at being touched by a wolf. Cloud’s tail wagged behind him as Sephiroth made a soft warning sound.

Something in him urged him to scratch and bite, but he couldn’t do that. Not with Cloud’s bright blue eyes gazing up at him with utter affection. The tiger inside him quieted after a moment of being held in place by the young man’s gaze and his gentle hand. He felt his ears lift from where they’d pinned back against his skull, and his tail settled behind him.

Cloud leaned forward slowly, his hand sliding up Sephiroth’s chest to wrap around his shoulders. He leaned forward until they were chest to chest, nuzzling lightly against Sephiroth’s neck. Sephiroth let out a slow breath, lowering his head to rest against Cloud’s hair. Cloud’s ear twitched at the touch, shaking itself off into Sephiroth’s face. The General couldn’t help cracking a smile at the soft bat of the wolf ear. He stroked a hand slowly down Cloud’s back and relaxed against him, half-way seated on the table he’d been pushed into. He felt hairs he hadn’t realized were standing on end relax and smooth, and in no time he was leaning against the wolf bonelessly.

Cloud shifted his head and licked Sephiroth’s neck, not in a sensuous way. Sephiroth would have laughed if he could as he realized that the wolf inside Cloud was grooming him. A moment later, the Third yelped as he realized what he’d been doing. Sephiroth could feel his face flush against his bare shoulder, and pet his blond hair. He leaned down, and licked a trail over Cloud’s brow, letting his inner cat groom him for just a moment.

By the time Zack finally got to them with the science department’s antidote, they’d made themselves comfortable on the sofa. It had taken some wiggling, what with the tails and ears getting in the way of their snuggling, but they’d managed it eventually. Sephiroth had discovered that Cloud very much liked having his soft ears rubbed, and the blond was all but boneless against him as Sephiroth kept up a gentle massage over his perky wolf ears.

“Awww,” Zack cooed, smiling. “You two look way happier! I knew you’d have more fun at home than in medical.”

Cloud barked at him lazily and then snuggled back against Sephiroth.

“Same to you,” Zack said fondly, walking over and holding out two small bottles to Sephiroth. “Antidote. There’s one for both of you.”

Sephiroth left off massaging Cloud’s ears to take them, then shooed Zack away with a gesture, putting the vials on the side-table by the sofa and nuzzling against Cloud.

“Alright,” Zack laughed. “I can tell when I’m not wanted. You kids have fun!”

Cloud and Sephiroth lay together a long while, Sephiroth’s tail twitching and flicking now and then, eventually curling around Cloud as well. It was relaxing, he thought, not feeling as though he had to say anything. With the inability to talk, his difficulty conversing smoothly wasn’t a problem. He hadn’t realized how much stress that caused him on a day to day level until it was removed.

He would take the antidote soon, but for now, he thought to himself as Cloud went back to quietly licking his collarbone, there was nothing wrong with taking a little cat-nap.

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